Welcome To SRK International School

SRK is an International Worldwide Educational Institution dedicated to Child development and Transformation. Founded in India in 2015, SRK’s real commitment is to helping individuals transform their perspective of education in the world from material to social development. It supports the cultivation of a deep collective consciousness of education and of the individual dignity of each child..
We are individuals of all ages and backgrounds who regularly teach classes from Mont-1 to Grade-8 located in Aayeepet. We the SRK’s started building the Campus for the Academy for a better world, an Institution of higher learning established by the Sri Ramakrishna Educational trust, Within 3 years, the 7 acres of land near the school in Keezhur was transformed into a modern village complex in a quiet, rural setting.,
The Campus includes Air conditioned Computer Lab, an auditorium that can bear 500 children and has facilities for simultaneous translation literature Lab , the International Educational Art Gallery housing Cartoon images, audio-visual and scientific displays and other works of art from around the world, the International Center for Higher Learning Comprising 20 seminar and class rooms, 50 trees planted to provide fruits and vegetables and a rural retreat atmosphere, mobile and transport facility, computers, 6 Fire extinguishers for safety precautionary methods and 6 buckets filled with mud and emergency lighting systems are powered here which is dedicated to the educational and intellectual development of the children.